A GOHA triple in Kamas, Utah
Gymnastics on Horseback Association (GOHA) is a team comprised of talented equestrians that specialize in performing dances and acrobatic stunts on horseback for your entertainment! Taking the sport of competitive vaulting and infusing the artistic flair of dance, GOHA has crafted an action packed and expressive performance to leave crowds at a loss for words where ever they perform.

Towering triples, daredevil stunts, and roman riding on their beautiful well-trained equine partners, the GOHA team are constantly developing new stunts and tricks to push the limits of the sport and leave crowds in amazement at the spectacle provided.

Invite GOHA to bring their unique performance art to your next event and dazzle the crowd. To see what you’re missing out on, take the opportunity to come and see GOHA at their next performance near you!